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Google maps or Waze on the iDrive screen

26/09/2018 · Check it out! You can get Waze and Google maps on your BMW’s CarPlay! This was introduced with iOS 12 that just came out. You also need to update to the latest Waze for this to work. Check it out on my 2018 340i xDrive! I prefer Google Maps over Waze, as Waze. Mirroring your iOS or Android smartphone to your BMW’s iDrive display lets you use all your favorite smartphone apps in your car, with the convenience of the iDrive’s dashboard display. Whatever you see on your iPhone or Android device, you’ll see on your iDrive screen, whether that’s Google Maps or [].

12/09/2017 · Google maps or Waze on the iDrive screen I know this maybe it is dumb. but man I got disappointed by the integration with my Android phone S7 Edge. Basically it's on the same level as my 50$ JVC head unit that I had in Golf mk4 car. 24/09/2015 · I had Waze on iPhone for ages now. Maybe even before it was avail on Android? It's a google app because google bought Waze way after the app had been out for a while. In fact I had it on iPhone before google bought them As far as integration, we just have to hope BMW.

05/08/2016 · BMW ConnectedDrive App Mon Jan 11, 2016 9:42 pm Are there interested people and is there plans to make Waze compatible with "BMW ConnectedDrive" as app, i.e. integrated with dashboard, head-up and audio of BMW cars? 16/05/2016 · A soft touch on that icon triggers waze exactly as it operates on the smart phone - yet, this time on the big screen of the car and completely independent from the smart phone. Very convenient! By the way - in my car the "idrive" option is in gray color so I don't think idrive. 02/06/2016 · Waze BMW Integration. There is little device which connects behind iDrive and it will allow you connect HDMI, than you can connect apple tv to it and mirror your phone into your idrive thru apple tv. Any diy? On this process. Appreciate 0 Quote. 21/01/2018 · As far as I am aware, Waze is only officially supported via Android Auto. BMW only supports Apply Car play and to my knowledge has no plans to support AA pain point for me. Not sure if only certain versions of the iDrive system can be coded for Car play. Via the below is a hack on how to use waze via Car play.

06/11/2017 · In this video I show you how to get ConnectedDrive BMW Apps retrofitted to the iDrive System in your BMW via coding and retrofitting. This is a genuine BMW activation via a company called Bimmer- and is an awesome upgrade for older or lower spec BMWs that did not come with BMW Apps from factory. 30/01/2018 · It's in Apple's interest to favor its own apps for CarPlay. Waze directly competes with Maps. That pretty much counts it out. It's in BMW's interest to favor Apple for a variety of reasons, from "Made for iDevice"-level compatibility to contractual development constraints for both software and hardware.

WAZE and hidden service menu? - Bimmerfest

BMW's iDrive, Apple CarPlay and. Which Is Best for Your BMW in 2019? iDrive vs. CarPlay vs. Android Auto: Which Is Best for Your BMW in 2019?. If you're an iPhone user and want to replace BMW's native maps with Waze, make and receive WhatsApp messages while driving or stream music from Spotify or Apple Music. 18/06/2013 · Use Waze on iPhone 4s with by 3 series BMW connected via Parrot bluetooth and it works perfectly. However, when I try to use it in my 2009 BMW Z4 with iDrive its not so good! Every voice instruction from the wazw is treated like a phone call so the iDrive display pops up and then i.

Pairing up our screen mirroring device with your smartphone, you can use your favorite apps in your BMW, including Google Maps or Waze to navigate through the city, Spotify or Tidal to stream your favorite music, and so on. SmartView HD Flex lets you screen share Android and iOS devices as well as phones or tablets running other types of software. 24/05/2019 · I have my phone up near the vent with the ProClip, then when I am doing some aggressive driving have my iPad mini mounted in the cup holder area for Waze. So I have map on nav screen, Escort 360 running on phone it's like professional Waze and then finally Waze on the iPad down low. Salutare, O solutie de Waze pe iDrive de pe un iOS aveti? Din pacate de pe iOS nu pot face mirroring Sau cumpar un Android si-l las in masina conec. 10/07/2019 · Always find Waze to be better at using alternative routes compared to BMW nav which seemed to take me off a motorway and then put me back on it a few junctions down only to find traffic was still fairly heavy. Waze seems to keep you well off the road with the hold ups.

09/01/2019 · This is the first time we have seen Apple CarPlay enabled to work in full-screen mode on the BMW Idrive 6 touch screen units. Being able to use the full idrive screen makes interacting with IOS apps much easier, and doesn't require as much attention to be taken off the road. Su BMW deber estar equipado con BMW Apps incluido dentro de Servicios ConnectedDrive en función de fecha de fabricación para poder utilizar esta función. Algunos BMW seleccionados ofrecen la opción de reproducir la música directamente en el vehículo BMW Entretenimiento Online.

How to Code and Retrofit BMW Apps to your iDrive.

BMW NBT EVO Idrive 5/6 Apple Car Play Activation We will email you a file, just copy it to an empty FAT32 formatted USB Flash Drive. Plug into vehicle center console USB port for 30 seconds and coding is done. NO CODING REQUIRED. NO CABLE REQUIRED. JUST SINGLE USB FLASH DRIVE, SECONDS TO UNLOCK! INSERT FLASH DRIVE TO CAR, SEAMLESS. iDrive will become a legacy software soon as the latest 2019 BMW 3 Series and X5 use a new system called BMW Cockpit with OS7. Although a new name is involved, the systems remain very similar and iDrive will continue to be supported in the future. Stay tuned to see our review of BMW Cockpit and OS7 technology in the next instalment. Si tienes un iPhone y deseas conectarlo con tu BMW para disfrutar de tus funciones favoritas, puedes encontrar aquí toda la información necesaria. Entra en nuestra página web y aprende a sacar el máximo rendimiento a la conectividad de tu vehículo. Descubre las ventajas de Apple CarPlay de un vistazo.

If your BMW isn't compatible with an integrated Android Auto upgrade, an alternative solution is using the Android Auto app on your phone and casting it to the iDrive. BMW offers Android Screen Mirroring in some of its latest cars, which can be activated in compatible vehicles through a. BMW CONNECTED DRIVE. within a BMW vehicle, you will need the optional extra ConnectedDrive Services, including BMW apps 6AK. – Of course you can control Apple CarPlay® Preparation via your iDrive as usual or, 2. in selected models, using the control display touchscreen.

BMW CarPlay Activation allows you to to connect your BMW with your iPhone. Use apps like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Maps, Waze, Amazon Music, and more. This is a lifetime activation, no need to pay subscription fee anymore. This package is USB activated - No wires, coding, or laptop connection. For F G and I Series.

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